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Who we are

One of the most dynamic property companies in the UK today.

Who we are

We are innovative. We are entrepreneurial. We are dynamic and we think with ‘big business’ strength, capability and know-how. We are experts at unlocking value. We think strategically. We transact quickly and with a long-term view. We are Ashfield Land.

Ashfield Land is a proven property company, with a strong track record across three decades of maximising value and investments.


Since 1990, we have delivered successful property projects across strategic land, development and investment. We’ve built a portfolio that showcases our approach and demonstrates how we add value.

We identify development opportunities, navigate complex planning environments, and generate long-term value from investments. We buy sites unconditionally, we find innovative solutions to challenges and have a unique ability to discover value.

We are one of the most dynamic property businesses in the UK today and have investible capital that we want to deploy with purpose.


Drive, imagination, decisiveness.


Projects that tell a story.

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